Main characters

Main characters

What is Caravan

From Nest Point to the unknown. Who are Caravan’s main characters?

The Donatis
Massimo Donati is an Italian architect transplanted in the USA. He chose to live in Nest Point, an enjoyable small town where he raised his family. He met his wife, Stephanie Burke, in Italy and they have two children – Davide a quiet and somewhat naive teenager, and little Ellen the newcomer in the family. Last but not least is Chip, their jack russell terrier that everybody dote on.

Carrie and Jolene Shawnessy
Carrie is a folk-rock singer who was a celebrity between the 1980s and 90s. Since a few years she has reduced her musical career, deciding to settle in Nest Point with her daughter Jolene, a high-spirited girl who is on equal terms with her mother.     

Jeff and Tracy Weinberg
Both doctors at Nest Point General Hospital, they’ve been the Donatis’ best friends for many years now.     
Clyde Panagulis
A friend of Davide Donati’s, he’s the same age of the boy. They share endless TV-watching sessions full of chips, beer and DVDs.       

Chester Blynn and Megan Cates
The two young architects are Massimo’s partners. Here’s the opinion of Massimo about Chester: "He’s so easy-going that with him you can go everywhere". Though very young, Megan is very qualified and reliable.     

The Breslers
The Bresler family has a sport rivalry with the Donatis, since same-aged Davide and Lance Bresler play soccer in two rival teams. Jake Bresler is a rough-mannered man, who doesn’t pay attention to his wife Connie, is crazy about the younger of his children, Lance, but has some differences with his eldest son, Kurt: where Lance is only an arrogant brat, Kurt really is a bad person.     
The Officers
The military force in charge of Nest Point’s evacuation is led by two high-rank officers, Colonel Warren and Lieutenant Colonel Johnson. Colonel Warren is the one who’s ruling the situation – with an iron hand.