The creator of Napoleone


A short biography of Carlo Ambrosini

CARLO AMBROSINI was born on April 15th 1954 in Azzano (BS) and made his début in the world of cartoons in 1976, when he drew war stories for Dardo editors. Later he worked for Ediperiodici and Editoriale Corno, before contributing the graphic rendering for some episodes of the "Storia d’Italia a fumetti" by Enzo Biagi. In 1980 he started contributing artwork to Sergio Bonelli Editore, creating seven Ken Parker episodes. In 1984 he completed his career as an author with the medieval series "Nico Macchia", published in the magazine Orient Express and collected in a single volume by Glénat Italia. In 1987 he moved to Dylan Dog, with a certain number of episodes, among which we would like to highlight "Dietro il sipario" and "Il guardiano della memoria", of which he also produced the script. In 1997 he created his own character, Napoleone, the protagonist of a two-monthly series published by Sergio Bonelli Editore.