The world of Demian

The world of Demian

Who is Demian

Marseilles and the entire Mediterranean... a world tinged with dark brooding colors where no-one is really innocent

Demian’s world is that of the present time, with its daily problems, its contrasts between wealth and poverty, and between modernity and tradition. These are contrasts that make themselves profoundly felt on the streets of Marseilles, a multifaceted city riddled with intricacies. The provincial capital of Provence, Marseilles is the oldest of the French cities. .   
Over time, it has become a seething melting pot of people of every race and religion, coming from all corners of the Mediterranean, especially as a result of its important commercial port. Wandering through the city, one has a sense of an atmosphere laden with history, with tales of seafaring, emigration, and shady gangland dealings.

"Not a touristy place. There’s nothing to see. The city’s beauty can’t be photographed. You have to share in it. Here, you have to take sides. Be passionate about things - passionately for or against. Man, you gotta just be, violently. This is the only way that what there is to be seen lets itself be seen. But by then it’s too late, you’re already in the midst of high drama. An ancient drama where the hero is death. In Marseilles, even to get to lose you have to know how to fight". With these words Jean-Claude Izzo, the author of the celebrated trilogy of noir novels set in the seaside city (a trilogy which is among the sources of inspiration for this series), perfectly immortalized the place that is the starting point for Demian’s adventures.

A place that conceals its magic and its beauty under the sands of its beaches, hidden in the urban squalor of the “cités” (the outlying areas, inhabited mainly by immigrants) and in the alleys backing on to the port, where you can sip a delicious pastis in the various bars. Not a place much frequented by tourists, Marseilles, where one strongly senses the presence of the underworld gangs that will clash time and again with Demian’s sense of justice and with the interests of the “Fraternité”. But Demian’s range of action is not limited merely to Marseilles; rather, it extends throughout the whole Mediterranean. We will often find him caught up in adventures that take him deep into the French hinterland, but also to Spain, Corsica, the coast of Africa and the Middle East.