His Friends

His Friends

Who is Brendon

For a knight errant like Brendon friends are as precious as water in the desert.

Anja O’ Flanagan was born in Ever, a village east of the old Nottingham, and  ever since childhood she's had to put up with a violent, alcoholic father. When she was twelve she did away with her father and ran off to join the Nymph army, an all women's army with very beautiful but ruthlessly cruel warriors. Forced to leave the army because she was pregnant (a condition not permitted under army regulations) Anja moved to Blackfield where, blackmailed by the wizard Janus, she was forced to commit a series of brutal murders. But one day she met Brendon with whom she had a short and passionate affair... Anja's a delicate girl, cruel and desperately lonely, a "teardrop in the darkness" as an ancient ballad which talks about death. Among all the women Brendon meets during his adventures, Anja is without doubt very special.

Emid Nox is the best (and only) doctor in New Dream, as the plaque on his house-cum-surgery door states. He's Brendon's friend and always goes to see him when he's in town. On the surface Emid appears to be a drunkard, a quack straight out of the joke books, but in spite of his untrustworthy appearance he's really an excellent, knowledgeable doctor who with primitive, improvised equipment, manages to work extremely well.   

Brendon was twelve years old the night he first met Boris Nagel and this meeting somehow changed his life for ever. Boris is a knight errant who came to Brendon's house in Stonehaven by chance. Injured and exhausted, he asked Margaret, Brendon's mother, for help and became infatuated with her. While he was at Stonehaven, he became very close to Brendon, almost a father to him, Brendon's father having been killed three years earlier while traveling to Old Glasgow. Boris teaches Brendon how to use weapons and engage in hand-to-hand combat and prepares him for his future as a knight errant. That is, until the shadow of the Black Moon falls upon him...

Margareth D’Arkness, Brendon's mother, is a strong, resolute woman who by working as a dress-maker and growing crops in the fields behind the house manages to support the family. Married to Steven, she lost her husband when Brendon was only nine years old. Then destiny sent Boris Nagel to her door. At the beginning she quarreled with the knight about teaching Brendon how to use weapons.However, after a while, she fell deeply in love with Boris. But Boris is unaware he's being followed by the shadow of the Black Moon...

Margot is the head of the militia in Ardiss, the agricultural town in old Hampshire. She's a woman who tackles the problems and difficulties of her everyday life with confidence thanks to her strong personality and a sense of irony. She loves to tell you that the town burgomaster only gave her the job because he mistook her for a man. She's a tough nut with a warm heart which she keeps well hidden under her military uniform, with the result that we learn that she's even in love with the soldier who always mistreats her. Proud and resolute, she never misses any opportunity to make it known that, in spite of her build and plain appearance, she's a woman of action in every respect.

Zeder is a wizard, a shaman of the next Middle Ages who lives among the ruins of old London. One of his many magic powers is that of sending a person's mind through time and space, and he's inclined to do this in return for a generous portion of his favourite food- black centipedes, a sort of cross between a caterpillar and a leech! Because of this supernatural skill Zeder can make Brendon go back in time until he reaches a focal point in his life - the day when his destiny was changed for ever because of the Black Moon...