Mercurio Loi FAQ

Mercurio Loi FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Alessandro Bilotta answers.

What's the setting of Mercurio Loi's adventures?

Mercurio Loi operates in a Rome that goes through a very strange time. He needs to move among conspirators, secret societies, strange and unusual figures, in such bizarre time of history that the Pope had turned into a king. It's the era of Papal Rome, and 1826 is the year after the Jubilee.

► In a timeline, where's the position of the first issue of the regular series and the debut adventure that has been published on Le Storie n.28?

The first album's story takes place exactly four months after the prolog contained in Le Storie. Something relevant happened in the meanwhile: Mercurio Loi disappeared.

► What are the series' main themes?

Mercurio Loi is not a historical tale: it is a series set in a particular time in history. So, the stories of each episode revolve around philosophical and psychological themes that, in the end, are about our contemporary time: a reflection about evil, madness, and corruption, wondering if we really can do something to save the world... But also fear, identity, power, and the nature of being a hero... These are the ideas that will go around in our albums. The supernatural and fantastic element, instead, will be completely absent. But you will find a bit of the surreal in the series, since it tells the story of a world of madmen, as Rome was at the time.