Nathan Never. Visioni di un futuro remoto

Series: Libri Nathan Never

Nathan Never. Visioni di un futuro remoto

Type: Paperback

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 464

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-030-1

Barcode: 9788869610301

Release: 21/04/2016

Price: 15,00





As part of Nathan Never's 25th anniversary, this volume collects, with its three-chapters' story, a lot of the Special Agent Alfa's past: from the beaches of El Teely – the island where his mother was born –, where Nathan fights the dark schemes of the corporation known as Chimer, through his youth, with his first mission as a body guard at district attorney Sara McBain's side, the fight with Aristotele Skotos' henchmen, the wedding with Laura Lorring and the birth of their daughter, Ann, ending with an old Nathan Never, involved in a conflict that will subvert the future of the Red Planet.

Three unmissable stories, penned by Bepi Vigna and visualized by the stylish brushstrokes of Nicola Mari and Germano Bonazzi, with an exclusive cover by Bonazzi.