Maxi Dylan Dog n°27 cover

Series: Maxi Dylan Dog

N°: 27

Frequency: four-monthly

Maxi Dylan Dog n°27

Introduction: An ominous letter resurfaces from the past, along with a man with an identity crisis and one of Bloch's old flames who has become Dylan's girlfriend!

Barcode: 977182645200760027

Release: 28/06/2016

Price: 7,90





Messaggi da uno sconosciuto

How can a letter written by an unknown person 25 years ago and sent to Dylan possibly contain the account of still-to-come events, that concern the Nightmare Investigator, too?

La notte delle stelle cadenti

From the prison he's locked up in, a serial killer contacts the dweller of Craven Road. The man claims to be a person with an antithetical personality—a completely harmless retired teacher.

Ritorno di fiamma

After many years, Bloch crosses paths again with one of his former lovers. But the girl, who's incredibly young and just as beautiful as she once was, is now in a relationship with the Old Boy, and this causes jealousy in her ex fiancé.