Giovani vampiri - Dylan Dog Ristampa 321 cover

Series: Prima Ristampa

N°: 321

Frequency: monthly

Giovani vampiri

Introduction: A group of young people looking for immortality!

Barcode: 977112158091760321

Release: 20/04/2016





Plot and script: Giancarlo Marzano
Artwork: Luigi Piccatto
Cover: Angelo Stano

Dylan Dog’s new customers are a group of young Goths with a passion for the darkness and the occult; they want to hire the services of the Nightmare Investigator, hoping he’s able to find a Master of the Night who’s inclined to make vampires out of them. When the dweller of Craven Road refuses to help the group, they decide to pursue their dangerous search on their own, after signing a terrible blood deal— the first one to succeed would come back to transform the others. But when the young guys begin to mysteriously disappear, our Old Boy is forced to intervene.

Wednesday 29 May 2013