Alla ricerca di Odwina - Adam Wild 20 cover

Series: Adam Wild

N°: 20

Frequency: monthly

Alla ricerca di Odwina

Introduction: A legendary city, appearing and vanishing as a mirage in the sands of the Kalahari!

Barcode: 977238503300360020

Release: 05/05/2016





Everybody's looking for Odwina, the legendary desert city in the Kalahari, which is concealed and revealed in turn by sandstorms, just like an apparition, erratic as a mirage. Someone is looking for diamonds, there, while others are hunting for the ancient mysteries of a vanished culture. Bands of Bushman warriors threaten the expeditions. Surviving the journey is a hard task. But surviving inside the city ruins is even harder, as Adam and his travel mates will soon find out.