Dampyr. I misteri di Praga

Series: Libri Dampyr

Dampyr. I misteri di Praga

Type: Paperback

Size: 16x21, b/w

Pages: 416

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-023-3

Barcode: 9788869610233

Release: 25/02/2016

Price: 15,00





Harlan Draka is a Dampyr, a vampire hunter who fights against visible horrors as well as those horrors that are concealed in the most secret recesses of reality. His home is in a place that cannot be seen by human eyes: the “Theater of Lost Steps" on Kampa Island, Prague. This magically legendary city is the setting for the four adventures with a fantastic, dreamlike atmosphere collected in this book and written by one if the series' creators, Mauro Boselli. The character that Boselli conceived with Maurizio Colombo is a tough, sometimes cynical and sarcastic guy, but an idealist and a romantic at heart, who swore to dedicate his life to the fight against the progeny of darkness and the Evil that dominates the world. The art, powerfully evocative with a definite Middle-European touch, by Luca Rossi and Nicola Genzianella is not to be missed. Exclusive new cover art by Nicola Genzianella!