Arkadin il sicario - Speciale Nathan Never 26 cover

Series: Speciale Nathan Never

N°: 26

Frequency: annual

Arkadin il sicario

Introduction: Who is the killer who came to destroy the peaceful community called "The Village"? The only thing we know about him is his code name: Arkadin...

Barcode: 977112366000650026

Release: 15/12/2015





The “Village” is a peaceful, pastoral community in an unpolluted valley. Its sole purpose is its followers' spiritual elevation. One of them, though, is an undercover killer, a ruthless and dead-shot professional whose targets are the Village founders themselves. But who is the mysterious killer that goes under the code name Arkadin, the only clue we know about him? Who hired him and to what purpose? An ascetic Nathan Never will have to find out...