Series: Tex Tre Stelle

N°: 621

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: The young Mescalero, Makua, is chasing a dream: to challenge Tex Willer on a duel!

Barcode: 977112253300450621

Release: 27/10/2015





Plot and script: Pasquale Ruju
Artwork: Alfonso Font
Cover: Claudio Villa

Edward Santos, gunman and arm trafficker, clashes with Tex! His gang is destroyed, their booty burned and he’s wounded, luckily escaping death. The young half-blood Makua finds Santos and takes him to a safe place. While the Ranger is tackling the raids of the rebel, Domingo, Santos slowly gets better and, almost playfully, teaches his new friend how to use a Colt. Surprisingly, Makua reveals himself a natural, becoming soon a fearful gunslinger, and now he’s dreaming to challenge Eagle of the Night himself...

Saturday 7 July 2012