Dylan Dog Color Fest 14

Series: Dylan Dog Color Fest

N°: 14

Frequency: half-yearly

Dylan Dog Color Fest 14

Introduction: An array of new authors offer their original take on the Nightmare Investigator!

Barcode: 977197194700750014

Release: 23/04/2015

Price: 5,90






Peggy del lago

Plot: Lorenzo De Felici and Giovanni Masi
Script: Giovanni Masi
Artwork and colors: Lorenzo De Felici

How could have happened that two nightwatchmen, found hanging from the branches of a tree inside a construction site, have died by drowning, with no water surface in sight? A dark tale, centered around a creature that’s terrible and wonderful at the same time.

Party Girls

Plot and script: Giulio Antonio Gualtieri and Stefano Marsiglia
Artwork and colors: Mirka Andolfo
Ink: Simone Di Meo

Kate, Lucy, Vicki and Eva arre determined to have a lot of fun, during a reckless night out… But although the four girls try their best to have a wildly good time, Kate can’t get Dylan Dog out of her head. She has a real obsession for the our hero… And their night out will change into a bloodbath.

Il vestito del demone

Plot, script and artwork: Federico Rossi Edrighi
Colors: Luca Bertelè

The Nightmare Investigator is hired to shed light on one of the strangest cases of demonic possession that he had ever stumbled upon. Will he be able to exorcise a Demon from the human presence that’s haunting him?

Come si diventa cattivi

Plot and script: Michele Monteleone
Artwork and colors: Flaviano Armentaro

Clayton, small and feeble, is the victim of the local bullies, day in and day out. But some suggestion from his comic books come to his aid. Clayton builds a large, all-powerful artificial partner, who will help you to face the myriad perils of life.