Maxi Nathan Never 11

Series: Maxi Nathan Never

N°: 11

Frequency: annual

Maxi Nathan Never 11

Introduction: An elusive thief is scoring a series of shocking hits, just under the Alfa agents' eyes!

Barcode: 977182645500850011

Release: 16/04/2015





A ingenious thief manages to enter the Agenzia Alfa offices, stealing from Nathan Never’s computer a dossier about an important politician. Meanwhile in Paris, the vault of what was considered the safest bank in the world is despoiled and someone put their hands on the most valuable piece of an exclusive jewelry collection, protected by the men at the service of Elania Elmore. Sigmund is persuaded that the perpetrator of these hits is using the technological devices he stole from the underground chambers of the Alfa Building. He has the suspect that some of his colleagues is double-crossing the Agenzia. Who is the mysterious thief? And what are his goals? Is he an enemy of Agenzia Alfa or is he fighting with them on the right side of the law?