I Trappers di Yellowstone - Tex Tre Stelle 611

Series: Tex Tre Stelle

N°: 611

Frequency: monthly

I Trappers di Yellowstone

Introduction: A wild paradise becomes the theater for a bloody clash...

Barcode: 977112253300440611

Release: 24/12/2014





Langford has a dream: to save forever, for posterity, the natural beauty of Great Geyser Basin, where River Yellowstone runs. That’s the reason why he invited three wealthy businessmen to visit this gorgeous and wild region, aiming to persuade them to invest in his park. But the stagecoach they’re travelling on is attcked by the Nez Percès, who kidnap the passengers. Tex and his pards are in charge to find out their fate and try to contact Harry Yount, the only park ranger of that huge area. But they almost immediately clash with the belligerent poachers of the “Moon Valley Fur Company”...

Wednesday 7 September 2011

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