La notte degli addii

Series: Brendon

N°: 100

Frequency: bimonthly

La notte degli addii

Introduction: Brendon's saga comes to a close, with an adventure that could change his life forever!

Barcode: 977112688700440100

Release: 19/12/2014





Brendon retired, the rumors say. It looks like the Last Knight Errant hung up his gun, choosing instead of taking care of his family, his sweet Florence and the young Daisy. It’s not just hearsay, actually: after his last clash with the Black Moon, Brendon really opted for a life change, saying goodbye to the danger and welcome to the time spent carving the pieces of his wooden chessboard. But just when his work is almost finished, something – a shadow from the past, a lost memory – resurfaces in our hero’s mind, and Brendon loses no time in hopping back on to Falstaff and facing what could be his last, desperate mission!