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Series: Dylan Dog

N°: 337

Frequency: monthly

Spazio profondo

Introduction: A new sensational beginning for the Nightmare Investigator!

Barcode: 977112158000940337

Release: 27/09/2014

Price: 4,40






Dylan Dog wakes up in year 2427, on board of U.S. Beckham, a space frontier outpost of the Albion Empire. He hasn’t got a body made of blood and guts, though, but one composed of artificial material, while his mind is just a mnemonic construction created from his memories. The goal of this artificial Dylan, along with four other modified versions of himself, is to shed light on the mystery surrounding the terrifying ghosts that have been haunting the outer space for a long time. A mission that will take him to explore the endless twists and turns of his own conscience.