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Series: Zagor

N°: 576

Scontro di titani

Introduction: This time, Zagor's enemies are of an antediluvian scale!.. antidiluviana!

Barcode: 977112253400130627

Release: 04/07/2013

Price: 4,40





The top of the lost plateau is a wild ecosystem that preserved intact living relics of Prehistorical times. There, Zagor, Cico and co. will find two fighting tribes of cave people and a diverse series of dinosaurs, every one of them bigger and scarier than the other. The primitive Denak are friendly, being also led by two of our heroes old friends, but their enemies are savage man-eaters that want to offer Akawe and Rulfo as a tribute to their living god, a terrifying horned dinosaur! The save his friends, Zagor will have to face the giant monster armed only with his hatchet... but even if he survives, Zagor knows that they don’t have any way out from the top of Grande Tepui...