I guardiani supremi

Series: Speciale Brad Barron

N°: 5

I guardiani supremi

Introduction: A clash between superheroes and supervillains in the streets of New York!

Barcode: 977197451000010005

Release: 29/11/2011





Plot and script: Tito Faraci
Artwork: Walter Venturi
Cover: Fabio Celoni

There are new heroes in town. Better, new superheroes. They call themselves "Supreme Guardians" and are endowed with extraordinary powers. This time it won’t be Brad Barron the one to save New York (if not the world) and he’ll be able to work as a biologist, in his research center about the extraterrestrial creatures. Things get coomplicated when a supervillains team enters the stage while, at the same time, Brad begins to doubt the real intentions of the superheroes themselves...