Terra di frontiera

Series: Speciale Brad Barron

N°: 2

Terra di frontiera

Introduction: Sci-fi meets western in a new, surprising chapter of Brad Barron's saga!

Barcode: 977197451000090002

Release: 25/02/2009





Plot and script: Tito Faraci
Artwork: Walter Venturi
i Cover: Fabio Celoni

Heroes never rest, though this time Brad Barron tried his best to go on a holiday. He brought his family in a lakeside cottage to spend some pleasant, trouble-free days of fishing, building tree-houses for his daughter and enjoying his wife's cooking. As usual, though, troubles come looking for him… In the woods of Clarksville County there's a passage that can take you far, travelling in time. On the other side of the portal, mysterious foes and unexpected friends are waiting for Brad, to involve him in a battle fought with alien beam weapons and the leaden bullets of… the Winchesters!