I capitoli dimenticati

Series: Greystorm

N°: 12

Frequency: monthly

I capitoli dimenticati

Introduction: 224 pages, with three unpublished stories of Greystorm’s saga!

Barcode: 977203681600900012

Release: 09/09/2010





Plot: Antonio Serra
Script: Antonio Serra e Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Simona Denna e Francesca Palomba, Anna Lazzarini, Alessandro Bignamini
Cover: Gianmauro Cozzi

After the dramatic final confrontation in Antarctica, now it’s time for appendixes, “lost stories” and new revelations about Greystorm’s world. The creators of the evil genius that accompanied the readers for 11 months, Antonio Serra and Gianmauro Cozzi, take you to the discovery of a few curiosities about the development of the storyline and the characters, presenting unpublished drawings and text. The three complete stories in this issue fill narrative "gaps" that remained open during the miniseries. The readers will find an answer – with rich and detailed art by Anna Lazzarini – to the secret of the "Bilaspur Gem", a "forgotten chapter" where young Hoanui and Mili take the lead role.