I predatori del deserto

Series: Tex Stella d'Oro

N°: 16

I predatori del deserto

Size: 21x29,7 cm, b/w

Pages: 240

Barcode: 977182509900520016

Release: 14/09/2012




It’s not exactly a message about love and peace, the one that’s spreaded around by the men who follow the orders of the Preacher. Disguised as soldiers, they perpetrate bloody robberies, showeing no mercy for the unfortunate people who cross their path. But won’t carry on for long, now, and not only because Fort Defiance’s commandant entrusted Tex and Carson with the task of tracking down the gang. The beginning of the end, for the men of the Preacher, came when they kidnapped Little Hawk!

Wednesday 26 June 2002