Caccia alla strega

N°: 92

Caccia alla strega

Release: 01/12/1996





Subject and script writer : Claudio Chiaverotti/Sauro Pennacchioli
Artwork: Gaspare and Gaetano Cassaro/Pino Rinaldi
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

After the murderous marionette, Christopher, is defeated, the action moves to a typical New England city: Claremont (Massachusetts), where there seems to be a revival of witch-hunting. The accused is a girl called Bea, who is defended by a social worker, a friend of Diana’s.

In this number : from page 5 to page 22, “Il cuore di Christopher”, by Chiaverotti and Cassaro. From page 23 “Caccia alla strega”, by Pennacchioli and Rinaldi.

Wednesday 1 November 1989