Series: Gregory Hunter

N°: 10

Frequency: monthly


Release: 11/12/2001





Subject and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Anna Lazzarini, Patrizia Mandanici, Antonella Platano
Cover: Elena Pianta

Gregory Hunter and the inseparable Badger, accompanied by young Lory Timms and journalist Eve Douglas, author of a best-selling Guide to the Known Universe, are on the tracks of the kidnappers of a French magnate’s son. The leads they follow take them to the Mercenaria Spa company, whose men are at that moment embroiled in a bloody battle that has broken out on Libra 2, between the race of the Zubeneschamali and that of the Zubenelakrab. And Gregory finds himself projected into an outlandish, psychedelic and most weird “journey through time”…