Almanacco dell'Avventura 1996

Series: Almanacco dell'Avventura

N°: 3

Almanacco dell'Avventura 1996

Introduction: Mister No in a complete 94-page comic strip: "Storia di un eroe". Adventure year: Everything about the books, movies and videos. Stuntman: the last adventurers of the movie world. Jack London: a life at fever pitch. The Masked Man: the Shade walks again. 176 pages of Journeys, Risks and Wonders!

Barcode: 977112262600350015

Release: 01/09/1995





Storia di un eroe
Plot and Script: Luigi Mignacco
Artwork: Ferdinando Tacconi
Cover: Roberto Diso

Its name is Rigoletto. It is an Italian plane, an S.M: 79 torpedo bomber of the “Sparrow hawk” class. Mister No saved its life (that is to say, he avoided what would have been a crash due to engine break-down) during the war. Many years later, Jerry Drake discovers that planes know how to be grateful…