Series: Speciale Mister No

N°: 20


Introduction: Somebody aims to get rid of the Pecém fishers, who sail the Atlantic Ocean on their small log barges, called "jangadas"…

Barcode: 977112365700690020

Release: 27/05/2009




Script and plot: Luigi Mignacco
Artwork: Domenico and Stefano Di Vitto
Cover: Roberto Diso

On the beaches of Cearà, Jerry Drake recalls an old adventure of his: it's the beginning of the 1950s, when the Amazonas pilot sets foot in Pecém for the first time. The poor local fishers see their existence threatened by the projects of big land-owners like the cynical Napoleòn Moureira. The fishers from Praia Grande decide to try a desperate rebellion. Only two idealist dreamers join their side: Captain Shangai Jack and Mister No!