Sesto potere

Series: Speciale Nathan Never

N°: 12

Sesto potere

Introduction: The death of a journalist opens a door revealing the background to events in the world of the media…

Barcode: 977112157302520012

Release: 29/11/2002





Plot and script: Stefano Piani and Alberto Ostini
Artwork: Matteo Resinanti
Cover: Roberto De Angelis

Corny Rollins, a television reporter who hosts science programs, pays for his professional integrity with his life, because what happens is that he’s the last victim of a case he was inquiring into, namely an investigation concerning the death of some children afflicted by a severe form of food intolerance. What’s more, it turns out that all the children belonged to families who formed part of the viewer ratings sample. So Nathan continues the investigations from the point where Rollins broke off…