Series: Speciale Dylan Dog

N°: 20


Introduction: Out of the mists that shroud the moors of Scotland there looms forth once again the terrifying figure of the werewolf!

Barcode: 977112158002360020

Release: 22/09/2006





Subject and script: Gianluigi Gonano
Artwork: Ugolino Cossu
Cover: Angelo Stano

Glendoun is a charming village in Scotland, noted for its sheep-rearing tradition, but also for the yearly festival devoted to the fascinating and disturbing figure of the werewolf. Dylan has been invited by the organizers to give a talk on the subject, but having lost his way in the mists that shroud the whole of the moors, he finds himself in the vicinity of Cameron House, which is actually only a few miles away from his destination. Enjoying hospitality as a guest in Alec and Emma Cameron’s elegant residence, the Investigator of Nightmares soon learns that not only do the lifestyles of civilized man and the wild wolf have a lot in common, but also that it’s definitely a good thing to be scared of big bad wolf…