L'ultima missione

Series: Legs

N°: 119

Frequency: monthly

L'ultima missione

Introduction: Up on Mars, Legs and Janet prepare for the final showdown with ruthless colonel Hurley!

Release: 11/10/2005





Subject and script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork: Antonella Vicari
Cover: Mario Atzori

“The hour of the final showdown has struck”: time is ripe for a direct clash with the top officials of the S.I.M.! At last Legs and Janet find themselves face to face with perfidious colonel Hurley of the shady covert arm of the secret services: this will be a battle with no holds barred, set against the ruddy background of the Martian skies. You see, Mars itself is actually the place where captain Folke, Nina’s father, is being held prisoner. Legs had promised her friend she would do everything possible to set the man free and our heroine always keeps her promises… Whatever the cost!