Fantasmi a Malta

Series: Martin Mystère

N°: 257

Fantasmi a Malta

Introduction: Roused from their centuries-old sleep, the ancient Knights of Malta come back to mingle their steps with those of the living…

Barcode: 977112157900330257

Release: 12/08/2003





Plot and script: Domenico Gandolfi
Artwork: Luigi Coppola
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

The setting for professor Mystère’s new adventure is the island of Malta, where GOUM goes off to solve a case of ghost infestation! Spectral apparitions have by now become quite routine at San Giovanni Cathedral, and the situation is getting unbearable… But the ones who need our hero’s assistance are actually the phantoms themselves, called back into the world of the living for an obscure purpose. Who has evoked them? And why right now? Why has this time been chosen for the reappearance of those who, during their lifetime, were Knights of Malta? Only an obscure alchemist knows the answer to these questions…