L'isola nel vento

Series: Martin Mystère

N°: 110

L'isola nel vento

Barcode: 977112157900300110

Release: 01/05/1991




Subject : Elio Ottonello
Script writer : Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Giancarlo Alessandrini
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

The Central Intelligence Agency tries to prevent Martin Mystère discovering the truth about the dumping of polluting materials, which poisoned the ecosystem of the Samoa islands. The Detective of the Impossible continues his investigations in an almost hypnotic state: guiding him is a wise old Polynesian who now lives on a mysterious island. In this condition, Martin seems to have taken on extraordinary powers, and a fantastic army of cetaceans helps him to free himself from his persecutors.

Monday 1 June 1998