Le figlie di Kronos

Series: Jonathan Steele

N°: 51

Frequency: monthly

Le figlie di Kronos

Introduction: A myth whose roots lie deep in ancient Hellas casts a shadow on the destinies of Myriam and Jonathan…

Release: 30/05/2003





Plot and script: Elettra Gorni
Artwork: Sergio Ponchione
Cover: Giancarlo Olivares

At last, Myriam and Jonathan are about to walk down the aisle to the wedding altar, albeit in very different states of mind. Jonathan is worried about the new prospects of the life that is looming up before him, accustomed as he is to independence and a wanderer’s existence. Meanwhile the pair, like a genuine betrothed couple, are looking for a place to live, but this quest, which would cost normal couples at most a few bitter disappointments, actually leads them to cross the threshold into an unknown dimension…