Sei divise nella polvere - Tex 609

Series: Tex

N°: 609

Frequency: monthly

Sei divise nella polvere

Introduction: Tex and Carson are on the tracks of a group of former soldiers who became a gang of robbers!

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 112

Barcode: 977112156100810609

Release: 07/07/2011

Price: 4,40





Liuetenant Stuart Bigelow, discharged from the Army, has his revenge by forming a gang of former soldiers and robbing the train that carries the military wages. The hit is done with no blood involved, because Bigelow has a personal code of honor and makes a point of presenting himself as a faultless officer – believing he’s been unjustly expelled, Bigelow aims to stir things with his actions. The military manage to keep the news hushed and ask Tex and Carson to hunt the ex-officer. The pards promptly get on his tracks, trying to ascertain the truth...

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