2016 Preview

Morgan Lost: a year in madness!

The serial killers' hunter created by Claudio Chiaverotti will live a breathtaking 2016, while facing the most heinous murderers, born out of the darkest recesses of the mind!

By Claudio Chiaverotti

For Morgan Lost, 2016 will be marked by tense and violent thriller stories, with grey and supernatural-red nuances! Our fragile hero will move inside the dark in the minds of New Heliopolis' worst assassins, and meet a couple of serial-killers who have jumped out of the pages of an underground comic book, "I coniugi Rabbit"!

Morgan will also investigate an incredible triple murder, that happened during the first moonlanding in history, and will find himself prisoner, along with five other people, in the endless alleys of the Megamultiplex movie theater, lost in the depths of the unconscious!

Then, still not satisfied by all the unobtainable films that his fried Fitz finds for him, Morgan will be haunted by a grindhouse movie that is being shown directly inside his brain: "Killer clowns vs cheerleaders zombi"! 

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