Preview 2015

Saguaro: the ultimate truth!

A triplet of tensely dramatic stories will mark the end of Saguaro’s adventures. The spotlight of the second episode of our overview of the Bonellian 2015 is on the hero conceived by Bruno Enna.

By Bruno Enna

For Saguaro, it’s time to receive some honest answers. Is there a traitor, among his colleagues? What’s Clive Waters’ real goal and why did he form the Federal unit of the Wolf-Hawks? What dreadful facts about his past are being concealed by Howi? And is Nastas Begay a mortal enemy, or a bosom friend?

The next three episodes will be the last of the series. We will shed light on our hero’s troubled past, and on his present, too. Thorn will wind up the arc of his adventures facing his enemies—but, above all, he will find out who his friends are. The past and the present: nothing is worth more than that, for a Navajo. And the future? It is written in the sky…