Sangue e ghiaccio - Le Storie 47 cover

Series: Le Storie

N°: 47

Frequency: monthly

Sangue e ghiaccio

Introduction: A disquieting presence is waiting for Napoleon's Grande Armée in the icy snow desert!

Barcode: 977228100800660047

Release: 12/08/2016

Price: 4,50





Worn out by the Russian strategy of "scorched earth", Napoleon's ragged and starving Grande Armée is retreating across a snow desert. A morsel of bread and a fire to warm their bones: that's all Captain Lozère's men are asking for. When a faraway gleam, warm and inviting, appears under the deadly grey sky, it looks like a ray of hope for them… But they can't avoid to feel something ominous in the frozen and gloomy air, an elusive feeling, a faceless entity that's been waiting for their arrival with an immortal patience…