Il gigante ribelle - Zagor Classic 40

Series: Zagor Classic

N°: 40

Frequency: monthly

Il gigante ribelle

Introduction: “In the name of the law, Little Baby, you’re under arrest!”

Size: 16x21 cm, colors

Pages: 80

Barcode: 977261212804520040

Release: 14/06/2022

Price: 3,90






Zagor, along with Cico, Professor Verybad, and two Fort King soldiers, starts searching for the “Amelia”, a mysterious and powerful weapon stolen from the fort. Following the thief’s tracks to the Canadian border, the group will have to overcome many difficulties to reach him. But an unexpected turn of events will reveal the corruption of one of their guides... While visiting the circus in Tiffin, just outside the Darkwood Forest, Zagor stumbles upon his friend Burnett, the town’s sheriff. Our hero is unwittingly involved in the investigation about Little Baby, a circus artiste unjustly accused of robbery...