Il ciondolo dello Spirito con la Scure

Series: one shot

Frequency: one shot

Zagor's pendant

Introduction: Un regalo esclusivo per i sessant'anni dello Spirito con la Scure!

Barcode: 9788869616648

Release: 08/11/2021

Price: 18,00






Zagor's Thunderbird as a metal pendant, in a special limited edition to celebrate the character's 60th birthday.

Made in Italy, out of zamak metal, Zagor's pendant is nickel free and is sold along with a new edition of a classic Nolitta/Ferri comic: "Un tragico patto", first published in 1966.

PLEASE NOTE: You can buy a maximum of two copies of this object in a single order. Orders that include this kind of product can be paid by Credit Card or Paypal only.