Ritorno alla Casa del Terrore - Speciale Zagor 33 cover

Series: Speciale Zagor

N°: 33

Frequency: annual

Ritorno alla Casa del Terrore

Introduction: The House of Terror, the unforgettably grim mansion on the Windy Cliff hill, the protagonist of one of the most famous Zagor adventures, still has some secrets to reveal!

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 160

Barcode: 977112366104110033

Release: 30/03/2021

Price: 7,40





There is a mystery about the portrait of Priscilla Stanford, burned at the stake as a witch two centuries before in front of the mansion: the person who solves it will find the treasure hidden by the supposed with somewhere in the House. The treasure is coveted by a corrupt man, Mr. Roland, who wants to steal it from Alan Stanford, Priscilla’s descendant. And Alan asked Zagor, Cico, and Bat Batterton for help…