Il mostro d'acciaio - Zagor Classic 18 cover

Series: Zagor Classic

N°: 18

Frequency: monthly

Il mostro d'acciaio

Introduction: “It’s impossible… A monstrous creature… it’s incredible…”

Size: 16x21 cm, colors

Pages: 80

Barcode: 977261212804500018

Release: 13/08/2020

Price: 3,50

Plot: Guido Nolitta

Script: Guido Nolitta

Artwork: Gallieno Ferri

Colors: GFB Comics

Cover: Gallieno Ferri

Zagor finds refuge on a mysterious island where he’s received by a peaceful tribe of Ottawa Indians, enslaved by evil White men... here, a scientist called Hellingen is building terrifying weapons, such as the iron giant he named Titan!