La minaccia dei Morb - Color Zagor 08 cover

Series: Color Zagor

N°: 8

Frequency: half-yearly

La minaccia dei Morb

Introduction: Zagor & Brad Barron join forces against the Morbs!

Barcode: 977228271904880008

Release: 30/11/2018

Price: 7,90






The Akkronians are not the only alien race that threatens the Earth! The fearful Morbs are lying in ambush, too, ready to invade us. Darkwood is the chosen spot for their landing, and they’ve already set the first bridgehead for the invasion. Here, the aliens are leading the preliminary tests they need to conquer and colonize the planet. But a real expert in wars against spaces monsters comes to Zagor’s aid: Brad Barron! Through a portal that connects parallel worlds – adjacent and similar, but not identical – the fighting researcher joins the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet and gives him the beam weapons he needs to fight the enemy, along with all the experience that Brad matured in his universe and time!