Una vita da re - Cico A Spasso nel Tempo 05 cover

Series: Cico a spasso nel tempo

N°: 5

Frequency: monthly

Una vita da re

Introduction: In his new adventure through time, Cico will need to try to keep his head on his shoulders...

Barcode: 977223901104170008

Release: 30/09/2017

Price: 3,90






In his unintentional journey across different eras, Cico finds himself standing right in the middle of the French Revolution, in front of Robespierre. After managing to convince the revolutionaries that he’s on their side, Cico is enlisted and sent to the Palace of Versailles, disguised as the Spanish ambassador. He’s just hoping to participate to the healthy banquet, a homage to Louis XVI, but what’s in store for him is only a healthy dose of hilarious misadventures!