I racconti di Darkwood - Maxi Zagor 31 cover

Series: Maxi Zagor

N°: 31

Frequency: four-monthly

Maxi Zagor n°31

Introduction: A new experiment with an unusual format, a long story that “frames” several other shorter tales.

Barcode: 977182645304270031

Release: 20/09/2017

Price: 7,90





I racconti di Darkwood
Plot and script: Moreno Burattini
Artwork: Raffaele Della Monica

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This is not just one story, but six stories in one. The main narrative (by Burattini and Della Monica) is the "frame" for five shorter stories, where the author's fantasy can have free range, as well as their narrative and artistic technique. We will have some guest authors - Luigi Mignacco, Marcello Mangiantini and Gianni Sedioli aside - who will work on Zagor after many years (like Marcello Toninelli, who has been Zagor's editor for a long time), or for the very first time: a horror writer, Paolo Di Orazio; Dylan Dog's scriptwriter Gabriella Contu, who will be the first female writer to work on Zagor; Lola Airaghi, who'll "betray" Brendon and Morgan Lost to become the first female artist to portray the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet; and two of Nathan Never's artists, Romeo Toffanetti and Dante Bastianoni. And this experiment will bring back in the limelight an unexpected villain by Nolitta.