Un genio per caso - Cico  Spasso Nel Tempo 04 cover

Series: Cico a spasso nel tempo

N°: 4

Frequency: monthly

Un genio per caso

Introduction: This time, Cico will create havoc in Florence, in the days of Leonardo Da Vinci and Lorenzo the Magnificent...

Barcode: 977223901104170007

Release: 01/09/2017

Price: 3,90






The time whirlwind is still dragging Cico to new adventures... until it sends him plunging into Renaissance Florence. Our paunchy Mexican will find himself in close contact with Leonardo Da Vinci: but Cico’s talent and inventiveness is all about getting himself in trouble! He will also meet Lorenzo De’ Medici, in somewhat turbulent circumstances: our friend will have to fend off a conspiracy against the "Magnificent".