Un tragico destino - Supertex 07

Series: SuperTex

N°: 7

Frequency: monthly

Un tragico destino

Introduction: The hunt for Clint Jackson ends, and the search for Four Bears starts…

Size: 16x21 cm, colors

Pages: 112

Barcode: 977278517804520007

Release: 05/05/2022

Price: 4,40






Bad River – second part
Plot and script by Mauro Boselli, artwork by Aldo Capitanio

The hunt for Clint Jackson gains momentum, but the inevitable fate is soon sealed, bringing justice back to Bad River.

Il cacciatore di fossili – first part
Plot and script by Antonio Segura, artwork by José Ortiz

Tex & Carson go to Buffalo to catch Four Bears, a fierce Native warrior and the leader of a horse-thieving gang who killed more than twenty people. Clues take the Rangers to Lon Nolan’s farm, the adoptive father of Four Bears, but too late: Nolan died in his ranch’s fire, started by the Natives. The two pards can only resume their search for the rebel warrior...