Neve rossa - Supertex 04

Series: SuperTex

N°: 4

Frequency: monthly

Neve rossa

Introduction: “La ballata di Zake Colter” comes to an end, an the story of “La carovana della paura” begins!

Size: 16x21 cm, colors

Pages: 112

Barcode: 977278517804520004

Release: 05/02/2022

Price: 4,40






On the snow-capped Rockies, Tex takes refuge in the cabin of Zeke Colter, a hunter, and a friend. Bill Hatcher’s gang is mistakenly convinced that the trapper found a gold deposit, and it’s willing to do anything to seize it...
While going back to the Reservation, Tex and Carson find the dead body of Bill Travis, a wagon trail guide. Following the trail’s tracks, the Rangers reach the wagons traveling to California and decide to lead them for a while...