I pionieri del Montana - Tex Willer 32

Series: Tex Willer

N°: 32

Frequency: monthly

I pionieri del Montana

Introduction: Battles, ambushes, and massacres in the wild Northern territories…

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 64

Barcode: 977261184704610032

Release: 19/06/2021

Price: 3,50





Snow tinges with blood in the forests of the future Territory of Montana. Will Tex and his companions be able to avoid the ambush by Black Raven’s Crow warriors? What is waiting for them in the Fort Owen community, where settlers from the Bitterroot Valley live? The vengeance of the wicked Crow medicine man is about to fall upon two innocent artists, a piano player and a singer, who strayed from their wagon train…