I giustizieri di Vegas - Tutto Tex 601 cover

Series: Tutto Tex

N°: 601

Frequency: monthly

I giustizieri di Vegas

Introduction: In the Wild West, some professionals were hired to "clean up" violent cities. This is the story of some of them...

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 112

Barcode: 977112157104510601

Release: 28/04/2021

Price: 4,40





In Vegas, New Mexico, peace and quiet are again the rule, since control of the unruly town was taken by a gang of quick-triggered law enforcers, headed by Hoodoo Brown and “Mysterious” Dave Mather. Brown and Mather are now the mayor and the marshal of a crime-free city. Investigating about an old robbery in another New Mexico town, Tex finds out that some of the criminal are still at large. It seemed they were hanged in Vegas, but something must be wrong because, after the day of their deaths they assaulted a stagecoach! Tex and his pards always held Brown and Mather in good esteem, but taking a look around town is not a hard job...

Saturday 6 November 2010

Tuesday 25 February 2014