La casa dell'alchimista - Tutto Tex 578 cover

Series: Tutto Tex

N°: 578

Frequency: monthly

La casa dell'alchimista

Introduction: Maison Estrahan, where shadows lurk in the darkness...

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 110

Barcode: 977112157104590578

Release: 29/05/2019

Price: 4,40





What dangers and puzzles are hidden inside pirate Raphael Ténèbres’ gloomy mansion, long abandoned in the middle of the Louisiana marshes? Who dares to go inside, like Gaston Lagrange’s men, could die of a horrible death... Meanwhile, in the insidious maze of channels that Tex, Carson and Nat Mac Kennet entered, the unknown killer with his Choctaw hit-men is getting ready for a deadly ambush...

Saturday 6 December 2008

Tuesday 27 March 2012