L'uomo dalle pistole d'oro - Tex Romanzi a Fumetti 09 cover

Series: Tex Romanzi a Fumetti

N°: 9

Frequency: half-yearly

L'uomo dalle pistole d'oro

Introduction: An elusive enemy comes back from Carson’s past…

Barcode: 977182509904390029

Release: 28/02/2019

Price: 9,90






On the Rio Grande border, Juan Gonzales came back from hell to kill the old Rangers who had hunted him down many years ago. The glint of his guns is like the tolling of a knell because you haven’t got a chance against Gonzales. Carson’s friends bite the dust, one after another. And Carson is on the list, too. So he’ll ride with Tex on the tracks of the man with the golden guns, in an increasing spiral of blood and violence…